A word from Pastor, Rev. Carl Freeto

Pastor’s Newsletter April 2024

With Easter on the 31st of March, April seems to “jump” toward us! Marie will be
laying out Calendar and we will include ways we might be in ministry with Cogdell UMC.

There are three months left in our service at LSUMC, I will begin sharing thoughts of Carl and
Linda’s time at LSUMC. Looking back is a gift from God and going forward is possible when
we see how faithful God has been in the lives of the saints. Honoring all the saints who have
gone on to glory since our arrival in September of 2015 is one way to recall the blessings we
have received since 2015. We have known and loved so many.

In 2015 Earl Snow, Bob Province, Edna Sandlin, Bernice Easley, Norma Jones, Richard Franks
and Mary Patterson all went on to glory before we could know them.

In 2016 these saints died: Christine James, Clara Howlington, Ken May and James Sutton Jr.
Betty Sutton, Daniel and Peggy Devorsky, Harold Patterson and Louise Horn no longer graced
our lives except in memory.

In 2017 and in 2018 Jo Mullins, Joyce Dunn, Janice Dobbs and Lara Waller were welcomed

“Hal” (Henry Matthew) Ericksen (Our music guy) died suddenly, Flo Lyons, and Margaret Fisher
gained heaven in 2019.

Imogene Bass and “Scooter” (John) Chiles gained glory in 2020.

2021 we said goodbye to (Euna) Mae Duyck. Mary Ann Elder and Elizabeth Bianchi.

Cliff Fagan stepped from this life in 2022 and so did Wincie Cannon and Shoko Stanley.

Another who departed suddenly was Jane Kelsey in 2023.

What great brothers and sisters were lost! And what sweet brothers and sisters have stayed
the course with us during these years!

Pastor Carl