Pastor's Note
A Message from Reverend, Carl Freeto

Because the children are out of school; the collages are doing summer classes and the vacation places are geared
up to welcome visitors, I’m thinking that summer months are intended to give us a chance to reflect on where
we have been and where we are going. However, June 2022 turned out to really a busy month for Linda and I:
For example, I did three marriage counseling sessions, three sermons, visited with 4 different members,
officiated at a wedding in Houston, visited with our granddaughter, Jenna, all while Linda was writing an article
for the “Seeds” hunger publication. So, June was not only HOT, but busy. Then I turned to July.

We have 5 Sundays in July (3,10, 17, 24, 31). During the 17th and 24th Linda and I will be in New Hampshire
and Rev. Sylvester Key will be bringing the sermon on those Sundays. On Sunday, July 3 the church will gather
at 9AM to celebrate the 4th of July by sharing a brunch. All are invited! If you would like to help with the food,
check with Marie in the church office MTW 9-noon or let her know during worship. The Freeto’s will leave on
the 11th and return sometime the week of the 24th.

Meanwhile, I have some questions for anyone who has experienced our worship on June 12, 2022. That was the
Sunday when Brenda spent some time sharing her thoughts and struggles with Matthew Chapters 5&6. I
know that the entire church was moved by her honesty as she shared in a discussion rather than the “lecture”
that the sermon sometimes becomes. Brothers and sisters in the faith used to gather in the small early groups
and struggle with the awesome stories and instructions of Jesus. My question is this: Would you be willing to
read two Chapters of the Gospel of Matthew each week and come prepared to share you questions, joys, and
visions with the church? And if so…,will you commit to 13 more weeks of honest efforts to read and attend
worship? And, finally, if you feel called to lead a discussion, contact Marie or Carl.

I was so impressed with comments from Sunday, June 12th that I scrapped my Summer sermons so I could use
discussion. Conversations on the 6th &7th Chapters and 8th & 9th Chapters of Matthew. After vacation, Chapters
10th & 11th will be our assignment for discussion on the 31st of July. (Rev. Key will be preaching on lectionary
texts on the 17th & 24th) The church will continue this practice through the Summer. Plan on attending the next
13 weeks as we work through the Gospel of Matthew. Early exploration and discussion of Matthew will be at
9AM: Worship at 10 AM with conversation on the assigned Chapters. Matthew Exploration will conclude on
the last Sunday in September! I’m a firm believer that the community of faith needs to read and explore the
Gospels and our Summer will be well spent reading, thinking and sharing the Matthew stories.

Pastor Carl

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