We continue to collect food for Caritas. Bring items to church on Sunday or during regular office hours, or just leave them near the door. So far Lake Shore has donated more than 6000 pounds of food to Caritas.

This practice consists of
1. Skip one or more meals each week,
2. Set aside the meal expenses saved,
3. Bring the savings to church and mark it with "FAST",
4. 60% of this offering goes to Caritas, and 40% goes to the UMC World Hunger Program.

Note that fasting applies only to adults in good physical health without special dietary requirements. The children collect on the 4th Sunday of the month. Thanks for carrying on the tradition, which has been a big help to the hungry locally and throughout the world.


The church offers a recycling bin for all who do not have carts at home. You are invited to bring your paper, newspaper, cardboard boxes, plastic bottles, and aluminum cans and put them in the blue container outside the back door. We now have recycling for used ink cartridges and used cell phones as well.

Do You Remember

for the New Year Does anyone remember Herring Ave. UMC, the church built in one day in 1911? It grew to be a thriving church with more than 400 in Sunday worship but had to be closed after 92 years of faithful ministry at the beginning of 2003, 15 years ago. 15 members from Herring moved to Lake Shore UMC and brought along the tradition of FAST (Fast For the Hungry) offering.