Pastor's Note
A Message from Reverend, Carl Freeto

January 2020 Pastor’s Corner

“The Last Week in January”

Dear Brothers and Sisters:
I was born on one of those years that make figuring your age really easy (1950). And, when I was a teenager, I held to the moto “Never Trust Anyone Over Thirty!” So, I can remember trying to imagine what the year 2020 would look like. If I survived…. I’d be 70 years old! There is no way I could have understood that the world would be so different and yet-very much the same. In spite of all the technological advances: The USA was at war then and, with different names and places, at war today, teachers are overworked and underpaid and hatred is acted out in the headlines.

But there is one place that I find a certain peace and fellowship…At Lake Shore UMC! I’d like our great community to move into our world more and more, wouldn’t you? So, I was thinking that a way we might do that would be to take the last week of January 2020 and the move of our Church into the community. Let’s call the week of January 26 “Welcome Week”. Then, on Sunday, February 2 during a unique worship service at 10 AM, we will welcome our guests and celebrate our week of sharing LSUMC with those around us.
In order to expand our great community into the places around us…I’m asking that during the week of January 26 each of us agree to:
1. Take 5 minutes during our day to pray of LSUMC and ask specifically for new people to bless our church.
2. Tell someone outside the church that you attend worship at LSUMC.
3. Share with a friend an event at LSUMC that made your life better.
If we each do these things we will be blessed. What is more, we may be able to share this great community with a friend or loved one! “Welcome Week” will be a blessing! I can begin to understand why I’ve reached 70 years of age…so I can share LSUMC with those people around me.

See you in church,

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