Pastor's Note
A Message from Reverend, Carl Freeto


Our church family has been meeting in the sanctuary since Easter of this year (April 4, 2021).
I apologize to anyone we have left of our Facebook: Email: Phoning and Texting efforts!
Please forgive us and plan on attending worship at 10AM Sundays! The church continues to
mask and social distance and clean, clean, clean! And, 90% of our attendees have had both of
their shots or the single J&J COVID vaccine! So, it is very safe now to attend. Those who are
especially susceptible can continue (or start) using the video (Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday)
to share in the s weekly message. If you need the link, just drop Marie a note.

I’m going to list the Scripture assigned to the May Sundays and invite you to read the passages.
each week. One of those weeks we will retire outdoors and spend some time sharing what the
Bible is saying about how we live, what Jesus wants us today or why we are challenged by the

During the Sundays coming up in May we are looking at:

Sunday, May 2- John 15:1-8 This passage shares Jesus’ words about the need for
pruning our lives (and that even the faithful need pruning). He reminds us to stick with him for nourishment and strength. Her reminds us that the danger is separating from him and withering.
(What other thoughts does it bring to mind?)

Sunday, May 9- MOTHER’S DAY! John 15:9-17 Here we Jesus talking about how
to live together as brothers and sisters. He says, “Love one another as I have loved you.”
If we find ways to do this, we become Jesus’ friends because we become part of His work in
the world…If you read John 15:9-17, I bet you can much more to ponder!

Sunday, May 16- Luke 24:44-53 Reveals Jesus “leaving” again. At the end of the reading
Jesus is “carried up into heaven.” Once again, his physical presence departs, they are left with
the Holy Spirit and great joy. Take a look and you will find another message during the first
verses of the passage (Luke 24:44-49). What is the Scripture saying to you about Jesus and
about you and I?

Sunday, May 23- Romans 8:22-27 Is a beautiful passage about what humans need to do to
act out faith. And…. Much More. Check it out….

Sunday, May 30- Isaiah 9:6-7 This “Christmas: reading is a great reminder of Jesus as
the center of God’s plan. I like the notion that “the curve of history leans toward justice” and
living in Jesus’ world, we can often times see the light of the Kingdom of God, so we live in
hope and depend on the “zeal of the Lord!”

Thanks for reading ahead, praying for the church (We need children! Pray for that), loving each
other, with a real “Jesus” love and opening yourself to a call! I am blessed to be your pastor!

Pastor Carl

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