Pastor's Note
A Message from Reverend, Carl Freeto

Pastor’s message 
My mother used to call any long time of waiting as “A month of Sundays”. And a month of Sundays would be
29, 30 or 31 weeks long. A long time. Well, the last time we met together for worship as a physical community
was “a week of Sundays” (March 8, 2020). Just think 7 weeks have passed and all kinds of new words have
entered our vocabulary. Words like “Covid-19” “shelter in place” and “flatten the curve” are all defining our life
during this time.
And, although we hear talk of moving toward a more “normal” time, the truth is that life has changed, and I’ve
been told it could still be 8-22 months before we can all gather at once to experience worship. In the meantime,
we can connect our non-electronic friends up as best we can {anyone got an old computer that could be used to get
on line?); we can use email (and one fun group is using texting together), Facebook has a “Lake Shore United
Methodist of Waco” page a “TLC2” page and a “prayer and concern” group intended to help you stay connected.
I expect that in the next weeks small groups, practicing social distancing, will begin meeting at the church. If your
group (less than 8) wants to meet soon, let me know. We could have brief worship. Or just bask in each other’s
presence. I need to schedule any activity at the church and caution you that masks and distance will be required.
Not yet, but hopefully soon.
We, of course, need to move beyond just caring for ourselves. Online we can post or share some of the videos
I’ve made with your friends and anyone who comes looking. We can put out some of the great sayings and
scripture you find and share with each other.
“On the road to a new place” is where we are. God is opening up new ways to serve others in Jesus’ name. The
Luke 24 story of sad friends leaving town and finding Jesus where they did not expect is similar to our experience.
Their response was to get busy, go to others and say, “It is true, Jesus is alive!” On this scary road to someplace
we have been never been, like the folks of old, we have a stranger coming along…only he I is not unknown to us.
WE need to share his joy in every way we can!
I’m humbled to be your pastor at this time…It’s been a “Week of Sundays” but I feel very much a part of the body
of Christ called “Lake Shore UMC”.

Your Brother in Christ,

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