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Pastor's Message
From the desk of Reverend, Carl Freeto

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Greetings Brothers and Sisters!
I'm glancing at the Lake Shoe UMC April calendar I realized that April is the perfect time to celebrate communion every time we meet! Let's enjoy the practice of Holy Communion (also called communion, the Table of the Lord, the service of Word and Table, the Great Thanksgiving) throughout the entire month!

Because communion will be the focus throughout the month, we will gather at Jesus' table every chance we get. For example, the Last Supper will be celebrated on April 7 at the 10 AM celebration time.  The following Sunday (Palm Sunday, April 14), around the table we thank and praise God in worship... Celebrate Maundy Thursday (April 18) at 6PM and once again commune. On Good Friday (April 19) St James is sharing their Good Friday service with us and, although Good Friday will not involve communion, it will be a reminder of the cost of our being able to sit at the table.

EASTER Sunday falls on April 21 and we will practice hospitality by sharing Brunch at 9AM (No Sunday School) and then we will again gather at the table of our Lord. United Methodist tradition requires that we offer Jesus' table to all who want to be with Him. So, we do not have to say "no" to any person who would receive Holy Communion. I truly like our "open table" tradition. Inviting all present to come to the table is a tradition that opens the grace of God to everyone. 

Finally, the month will conclude with Holy Communion celebrated during out "Fast for the Hungry" Sunday, April 28.  Please set aside the cost of one meal and plan to give that amount to folks close and far away in the offering received that day! Just think, in April we will have the chance to celebrate the Table of or Lord 5 times (More if you remember the TLC2 Tuesdays at 10:00 a.m.at Vicki's house) April… the month of Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, Easter and the Table of Jesus.   Sounds great!! 

By the Way… We just finished hearing Joanna Adcock from the Area Agency on Aging at our MOSS program on (March 20). She is planning to “put on” programs on SMRC (Self-Management and Resource Center) here at Lake Shore UMC!  Diabetes, Chronic Pain, Chronic Disease, Stress, Balance are all topics of their Self-Management Classes! You will hear more soon…

See you Sunday!