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Pastor's Message
From the desk of Reverend, Carl Freeto

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Can you believe that in 28 days its Christmas and in 34 it is 2018! I want to start off by
thanking the folks at Lake Shore for graciously supporting Linda and I throughout the year. Also, thanks go
out to the old time and brand new members who have been so innovative throughout 2017.
Meanwhile, I’m thinking of the persons whose lives we celebrated at worship on November 3rd. In 2017
we have lost six of our brothers and sisters to death. They are:
Jim Sutton, Betty Sutton, Dan Devorsky, Peggy Devorsky, Harold (Pat) Patterson and Louise Horn. All but
one of them were actively engaged in ministry with their church 1 year ago.
We added a new member in November 2016 (Patty Leftwich {TMD}). Then, in 2017, we added 4 more (Fred
Davis {PF}, Brenda Davis {PF}, June Campbell {TMUMC} and Shoko Stanley {TMUMC}.
Our Mission Chair, Linda Moseley encouraged the church to put together 50 boxes for Operation Christmas
Child (OCC) at the end of November. We also gave to several UM Special Sundays, raised funds every 5th
Sunday for local hunger relief, gave to Caritas, the Family Shelter and raised funds for Hurricane relief
(Houston and then Puerto Rico) and had a church meal at the World Cup Café with a shopping day at the
Jubilee Market in support of their ministries. The church purchased gifts for Waco Center for Youth girls and
enjoyed being part of the “Cookies for Troops”.
Administrative functions began to be performed by a Church Board in January and that process seems to
be working well.
In 2017 we had to say farewell to our most able and loved Administrative Assistant, Linda Moseley. She
worked for LSUMC for 6 years. Linda sure did keep me straight and run an efficient office during my tenure
at LSUMC. I know she is feeling a pull to new things and invite the entire church to keep her “next things” in
prayer. Thank You Linda for faithful, effective servant leadership at LSUMC.
Our space-sharing partnership with Saint James has been rewarding. Sharing space gives us a chance to
get to know each other. We have celebrated combined worship 6 times and shared a meal after each worship
service. Where the LSUMCSJUMC sharing space will lead, I haven’t a clue. However, that future works
out, we will be closer together. Two Churches in one building will “sand off” some of our rough edges, and
knit us together, brothers and sisters in Christ. St James’ presence is great for LSUMC!
Our Make Our Seniors Special (MOSS) monthly community education/entertainment program with lunch
met 10 times this year. Programs like “How to Fall and Get Up Safely” “Driving Tips for Seniors” and
“Native American Culture” have all been well received. More than 40 persons attended our last MOSS as Dr.
Michael Jahrmarket discussed “Aging Successfully”.
The efforts of our (NLT) New Life Team have been frustrating as we needed to hold off on plans to “hook
up” with some members from Central as a pastoral change took place this last July. We decided to get ready
for New Life by looking at ways to enhance our visibility. We were active as we worked toward a relationship
with the new pastor at Central. As a result, the NLT asked for and received an updated sign on Lake Shore, a
new electronic sign for our marque and improvements to our parking lot.
I feel like I could go on and on, but you get the picture…. we are beginning to joyfully offer ourselves in
service to Jesus and in a small way we are bringing Jesus into the lives of those around us.
Grace and Peace,
Rev. Carl Freeto