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Pastor's Message
From the desk of Reverend, Carl Freeto

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May is gone…June is here and I’m excited that this month, right off the bat, our church is hosting “The Methodist are One People.” The evening program starts on Monday, June 4 @6:30 PM and continues each evening through Thursday, June 7. This is our gift to the churches of the Central District of the Central Texas Conference of the UMC (CTCUMC). And the event will require that every member and friend be here to serve. Please set the time aside…attend…and be willing to serve those who will come to learn and celebrate!

June 4 Dr. Robert Sledge
will speak on the events before the 1968 creation of the UMC. Sledge was the first president of the Historical Society of the United Methodist Church and was a member of the Commission on Archives and History in the 1980s. He is a leading authority on the Methodist Episcopal Church South. His publications include: Hands on the Ark: The Struggle for Change in the Methodist Episcopal Church 1914-1939 and “Five Dollars and Myself:” The History of Mission of the Methodist Episcopal Church, South.,” published in 2005. He is a frequent contributor to Methodist History, the Commission’s quarterly scholarly journal. In 1989, he was the founding president of the Historical Society of the United Methodist Church and now serves as coordinator of the society’s annual Saddlebag Selection award. He is the Distinguished Professor of History, Emeritus, at McMurry University.

Tuesday June 5th
Assistant Professor of the History of Christianity at Perkins School of Theology: SMU, Dr. Tamara Lewis will speak to us about race relations in the Methodist and Evangelical Brethren denominations and how the merger intended to open the possibility for interrace dialogue, open ended integration and true equality of races within United Methodism. I suspect she may also address where we are now in our quest for true racial equality and fellowship.
Wednesday, June 6 our speaker Rev. Mark Winter, the Central Texas Conference Evangelist and “One Man Show”. He will arrive as a circuit rider from the 18th century who has been transported to our time and place. Using drama Rev. Winter will amuse and inspire us in our faith walk. He observations will reveal many of the differences and similarities between the church in his day and today’s United Methodist Church. The Wednesday presentation is a must for all ages and will open your eyes to the past, present and future of the UMC.

Our closing night, Thursday, June 7, will include some wonderful musical groups. They will inspire us and prepare our hearts and minds for the guest preacher, Rev. Dr. Leah Hidde-Gregory, the District Superintendent of our Central District of the Central Texas Conference. If you have not heard her bring the WORD…do not miss Thursday night! She will warm your heart, challenge your mind and call you to “STORM THE GATES” for Jesus!
All this and I still have not mentioned the singing groups, greeters, snack tables, a different host pastor each night, displays throughout the building, the beautiful organ music, and the fellowship you will experience as we celebrate” The Methodist are One People.” 6:30 PM until 8:30 PM June 4,5,6,7! A gift of St James and Lake Shore United Methodist Churches.

Pastor Carl Freeto