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pastors message

Pastor's Message
From the desk of Reverend, Carl Freeto

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Dear Brothers and Sisters in Jesus,
I hope during you own personal “Sabboth” time you have some experiences of the holy spirit being close at
hand. By
the way, please be aware that we need to honor God by taking some time out to rest. After all, that is
what “Sabboth”
is all about.
With “Sabboth” in mind …. Some of you know that Linda and I have just returned from a two week trip to
New Hampshire where we visited with Linda’s sisters and our brother-in-law. As with all trips like that
(1950 miles on
way) … there were times of fatigue but otherwise all was well.
Some of you may remember, that since we have served here (beginning in September of 2015) we have
been deeply
concerned for Gary Strong (brother-in-law) after he nearly died and had a slow doubtful recovery. Many of
took a moment to hold him up to God, and his health has improved to the point that he is able to work
some and
help his wife, Donna after she broke her leg the day before our arrival. A significant part of Gary’s recovery
is found in
the prayer life of our people and the people in other church families who lifted him up. He is aware of the
prayers you
have lifted and is thankful! I’ll ask you to continue to keep Donna in prayer as it looks like she will have 8
weeks of no
walking at all. She is unable to work, and I suspect she will be anxious to get on her feet.
We found Linda’s sister Karen in poor health and desire your prayers for her. At the same time we found
her relatively
at peace where she is.
Meanwhile we experienced the grace of the Spirit in the kindness and good humor of the staff at several
hotels and
we found a peace at Donna and Gary’s home. The positive outlook found in the lives of our High School
Class after 50
years brought us a sense of the power of God’s grace. Even though there has been much loss in the lives of
classmates, they were a delight to see.
I took a walk and was delighted to hear the silence of the pine forest. As I looked across the field several
young deer
and their mom silently moved toward the Pemigewassett River and I thought of Psalm
43-“As the deer longs for
streams of water, so I long for you, O God.”
Our time away was blessed by our arrival home to our brothers and sisters at Lake Shore.
Please know that your
prayers, friendship and ministries are fundamental to our experiencing the presence of the
Spirit in our lives. We
thank God because It is good to be home!
May Peace, Joy and Challenge drive us all into life that looks like Jesus.