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There are some ladies at LSUMC who needs your help with plastic bags. They are crocheting mats for the homeless in Waco out of the bags. The bags are cut, tied together to make "plarn" and then crocheted. It takes anywhere from 5 to 7 hundred bags to make one mat. The mats can be used for sleeping on, keeping possessions dry, etc. If you have any extra bags, (can be any color) please drop them off at the office……thanks in advance for your help.

Box Tops

Our Partner in Education, Lake Air Montessori, collects these Box Tops for Education. They receive cash in return for their efforts. Their last collection earned them almost $900! They can use this money for any need the school may have. Please watch your packaging and clip them out. There is a container in the Fellowship Hall to collect them. They will be taken to the school by one of our volunteers from Lake Shore UMC. Thank you for your help.

Campbell Soup Labels
Please don’t forget to save your Campbell soup labels. There is a basket in the Fellowship Hall for the collection of the labels that will benefit the McCurdy School in the purchasing of equipment and vans for the school.

OK Chorale

Come one come all if you love to sing. The group meets at 6:00 pm on the 1st and 2nd Wednesday each month to practice. Inquire in church office for days to meet.

Partners in Education
Please consider donating 1 hour per week to help a child.  You have the opportunity to help a child learn at Lake Air Montessori School on Cobbs Dr.  The students enjoy the experience and you will be blessed. In addition to tutoring, a pen-pal program is available or you may sign up to have lunch with a student.  You can help a child with their writing skills in this way and never leave home!  Contact the church office if you are willing to serve.

Sponsor a child in Haiti
For $228 per year you can sponsor a child in Haiti and enable him/her to attend school. Please contact the church office if you wish to sponsor a child.

The church offers a recycling bin for all who do not have carts at home. You are invited to bring your paper, newspaper, cardboard boxes, plastic bottles, and aluminum cans and put them in the blue container outside the back door. We now have recycling for used ink cartridges and used cell phones as well.

Tell your Faith Story
Have you experienced God's blessings to you or your loved ones in some special way? If so, would you like to share the good news with your church family? Your story will be sure to inspire others. You may also want to tell a bit about your background, family life, school life, how you became a Christian, and what you want to tell others about Jesus and God's love. Contact the church office about writing your faith story and have it printed in our Newsletter.